Welcome on board, we hope to see you soon in the French West Indies ; Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy.
French West Indies

What is the French West Indies (FWI) ?

The French West Indies (acronym : FWI) refers to the five territories currently under French sovereignty in the Antilles islands of the Caribbean:

  • The overseas department of:
    • Guadeloupe archipelago, including the islands of Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, and La Désirade.
  • The four overseas collectivities of:
    • Martinique
    • French Guiana, located on the northern coast of mainland South America, sharing a land border with Brazil.
    • Saint Martin, the northern half of the island with the same name, the southern half is Sint Maarten, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
    • Saint Barthélemy

The French Caribbean (or Francophone Caribbean) includes all the French-speaking countries in the region. It can also refer to any area that exhibits a combination of French and Caribbean cultural influences in music, cuisine, style, architecture, and so on. The Francophone Caribbean is a part of the wider French America, which includes all the French-speaking countries in the Americas.

The term varies in meaning by its usage and frame of reference. It is not used much in France, unless the speaker wants to refer to every French dependency in the Caribbean region. The term’s more ambiguous than the term “French West Indies”, which refers specifically to the islands that are French overseas departments, which means they have overall the same laws and regulations as departments on the mainland of France. Collectivities can be included too.

The main ambassador of the USA in the FWI

Mrs Angela DAVIES in Martinique Island on December 2019

Mrs Angela DAVIES was invited in Martinique, in December 2019, by the Feminist Movement of Martinique, in order to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Mrs Angelas DAVIES in Martinique Island on December 2019

Mrs Angela DAVIES in Guadeloupe Islands on October 1969

This is an old relationship between the French West Indies and the United States of America. And the main ambassador of the United States of America in the French West Indies, was and is always, Mrs Angela DAVIS.

When she came for the first time in Guadeloupe in 1969, after a stay in Cuba, she was about to be thrown in jail by the french public authority, for anticolonialist propaganda.

But she meet the guadeloupean woman ; Mrs Gerty ARCHIMEDE (the first black woman to become advocate in France), who help her to get out of trouble, and to quite the Guadeloupe Islands. And later on, Angela DAVIES said about this black woman :

Maître Archimède était une grande femme à la peau sombre, aux yeux vifs et au courage indomptable. Je n’oublierai jamais notre première rencontre. Je sentis que j’étais en présence d’une très grande dame. pas un instant je ne doutai qu’elle allait nous sortir de notre mauvaise posture. Mais j’étais tellement impressionnée par sa personnalité, le respect qu’elle attirait à elle en tant que communiste, même de la part des colonialistes que, pendant un certain temps, notre problème me parut secondaire. Si je n’avais écouté que mes désirs, je serais resté sur cette île pour tout apprendre de cette femme.

Angela DAVIES : Autobiographie, édition française, Albin Michel, 1975

Examples of Accomodations

Guadeloupe Islands

Martinique Island

French Guiana

Saint-Martin Island

Saint-Barthélemy Island